Michèle Mottrie’s tagline elegantly captures both the soul of the brand as well as the spirit of the designer: “Show what you got, hide what you need”.


Schooled at, and inspired by, both the fashion capital of the world (Milan) and the City that never sleeps (New York), Michèle soon found herself exchanging scrapbooks with the cream of the crop of the global fashion food chain.


But Michèle’s ambition wasn’t bound to a needle and thread alone. A natural in front of the camera, Michèle also built up vast experiences in modelling for several (inter)nationally renowned agencies.


Michèle knew she held all the cards, and it was just a matter of time before she founded her one-woman company, ‘Michèle Mottrie bags’.


Now, several stains of blood, drops of sweat and drips of tears later, Michèle Mottrie bags launches her Michele Mottrie collection of unique bags, thereby proving that fashion and comfort really do go hand in hand. As with Michèle, it’s all about “minding what’s yours, yet showing what you got in stores.”



“Show what you got, hide what you need” is a perfect way to describe women of the 21st century. We all love to create a more interesting life on social media, so why not in something you carry around all day?  The bags are half see through which means you can show the world ‘on purpose’ what kind of person you are! A lipstick, some perfume, a nice Polaroid picture are all part of turning this bag into your own lifestyle. On the other hand, there are a few things in a woman’s purse that don’t need to be seen... That’s why there is always a little bag to hide those items.


Lots of love,

Michèle Mottrie

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